New calling

Can you guess what my new calling is??? You will NEVER guess!? Give up? I was called into Nursery. Out of my 6 years of marriage, I have been in Primary/Nursery for 5 of those years.
Jealous much??
When I was called, the bishop actually started laughing. He thought it was ridulous that I was called in there, but then he said I won't be in there long cause they were re-organizing some of the presidencies. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK OF THAT! I think I prefer to be in Nursery rather than a calling with "responsibility" YIKES!!! I have been in Nursery threw all my pregnancies and deliveries and even nursed while I taught lessons and did singing time before. I am a pro at this! As hard and crazy as it is, I kinda prefer to be there.
I have officially lost my mind!


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Nikki, don't avoid the unavoidable! HAHA!! Good luck!