Thaddeus had a check up today on his poor leg. The doctor said the break looked good and it was healing. He told me not to have him walk on it, but I can't stop him. He even "runs" in it. I am strict with him about not jumping off things though. He got a new cast and Piper almost had him convinced that pink or purple would be cool, but thankfully I was able to remind him orange was his favorite color and that he might like that better.
(Don't you love his cheesy grins!!)
After the nurse took the cast off, he said his leg hurt and he wanted a cast back on. The whole 2 weeks he has had it on, I have heard him ask was for me to take it off at least 20 times. I think he secretly likes it until Piper is running around and he realizes he can't keep up. He kept asking me if he could take his cast home and show Piper. (He LOVES his big sister) He even asked the doctor himself! He is still holding his green cast but he thinks his orange cast is really cool! And let me tell you, IT IS ORANGE! Construction orange! It fits his personality a lot better!

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Richardson Five said...

I love that kid! So funny and so cute. All of them are for that matter. Okay, so I heard a rumor the other day that I cannot believe!!! Holycow! are awesome!