So the kids and I went on a trip over Easter and trekked out to see my brother in Orem and my sister in Rexburg. The 3 day car ride to get there sucked but once we got there it was AWESOME! We had a great time! You can't beat playing with cousins and laughing with your sisters!
We went to McDonalds and played
(I love the ice cream running down his chin)
Odessa and Aubrey. Aubs is 8 days older than Odi!
Aunt Kelli and the babies. (Kelli is my twin sister) Odi doesn't let anyone get close to her, but for the few days that Kelli came up to Orem, Odi loved her. It was a different story once we got to her house in Rexburg, but I LOVED the help if even for a day!
The best picture I could get of all of us. Wish Daddy could have been with us on this trip but someone has to fund our fun!
Odi's first jelly bean. Once she figured out the egg finding thing and then there was candy in it, she LOVED Easter!
Papa and Meme. My mom and Dad on Easter
Odi loved Easter!
All 9 grand kids. the oldest is 6! It was a crazy couple of days but it was AWESOME!!!!!
Odi didn't have any eggs yet, so Thaddeus shared with her. He then showed her how to open them. What a GREAT brother!
I love that Odi has a cousin so close in age! I wish we all lived closer!
This is how we all felt at the end of the week, but didn't we have fun?!


Rina said...

I love that Thaddeus shared his Easter eggs. So sweet! There are some real advantages to having kids close in age.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm almost in tears looking at these pictures. It was so much fun, and we already really miss you guys. Can't wait till you're in AZ and we'll see you more!