I am married to a Ninja !!!!

Sam flew out to California this past weekend and ran the Ninja Warrior course. If you don't know what that is, then you must not be a male between ages 15 to 40 with access to the Channel G4. Anyway, I can't tell you how he did or anything exciting, but he had a great time and did a fantastic job! Venice Beach is where they hosted the course. Sam's brother Mike and his wife Kelley came out to support him. Which I am VERY thankful for since I couldn't go and do it myself! He had a great time and has convinced two of his brothers to do it with him next year! It will air on ABC in August, I think. I will let you all know when we do. I am SO proud of you Sambo!


Wonder Woman said...

WAY TO GO, SAM!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!! Can't wait to see it!!

salena said...

i've never heard of it, but it sounds cool! definitely let us know when its on in august!