They were wrong.....

I knew Sam wanted a boy and I really wanted Thaddeus to have someone to play with and not be so outnumbered! Chasing the boys away from his sisters was going to be a tough job for one little boy! He wasn't shy at all. He opened right up for us! None of my kids have been shy about it!! They said he had a big head and that he was measuring over a pound already! So I'll have another big baby. Nothing I haven't heard a couple times before! Still due September 27th so hopefully some clothes of Teebs will fit!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Angi said...

I am actually so excited you are having a boy. That will be so fun and Thaddeus will be such a great big brother.

I am trying hard to catch up on my blog. It looks like it hasn't been updated for a while but I have been back dating so I know when things happened.

I am so happy you are so happy. Love you tons.

salena said...

so cool Thad will have a buddy!