15 months

Odi is doing so many things now. I think she is more of a girl than a baby now. How sad huh?
  • She loves Mommy still but is starting to warm to Daddy a little bit. She doesn't scream when he enters the room anymore!
  • She loves to pretend she is a dog and will crawl all around the house barking at me
  • She loves to be thrown around and be upside down and jump and dance and sing, oh heavens does she like to sing! My neighbors can tell you that!
  • She loves to put on dresses and necklaces. She will twirl and spin for me when I first put a dress on her. She is so girly!
  • She loves loves loves to tell Piper and Thaddeus and Mommy what to do. She has the first born bossiness about her. Maybe because she is so tiny? Us tiny ones are feisty!
(We were watching Lion King and she was belting out "Can you feel the love tonight". )
  • She knows a lot of animal sounds. Cow, duck, dog, cat, lion, pig, horse, elephant, fish, (she does a fish face) frog, and a couple others. (And she knows some letters. Still working on those though!)
  • She can say Momma, Daddy, drink, please, thank you, graham cracker, baby, dog, cat, Piper and Thaddeus, shoe, bye, hi, blanket, more, yes and NO!
  • She will jabber at me and then shake her head. I said yes once and realized she asked me if she could go outside. So when I told her she couldn't she got mad. So now when she "asks" me a question and shakes her head I always say no! I loved it though. She was trying to get me to say yes to her question that she very clearly understood and was mad that I didn't! She is feisty and has an attitude. Just like her momma!
  • She understands and obeys any command I give her. Unless in the middle of a tantrum, which by the way she is perfecting!
  • She has a great imagination and loves to play play play! She has even gotten pretty good about sharing and not taking toys from the others.
  • She picks out her own clothes, tries to put on her own shoes, and brushes her own hair, (i always help to put the band in) Her favorite thing to do in the morning is brush her teeth! She is going to have some pretty pearly whites!!!
  • She loves babies and dogs! We can't go to the store without playing with a dog or a baby. She carries one or both of them around at home at all times. With a baby, a stuffed dog and her blanket, her arms are pretty full!
She is wonderful! She adds a lot of spice to our family! I bet she loves the new baby, just so someone is smaller than her for her to pick on, but I am sure that bullying will turn into love..... one day!
Love you Odi May!


Rina said...

She is such a beautiful little girl. And she and Alina sure have a lot in common, except Odi seems to be doing a lot more talking and communicating. Alina has been our slowest talker by far! We thought girls were supposed to talk sooner, but not this one. She says a handful of words but is pretty stingy with them. Wish we lived closer.

Grammy of 9 said...

What I wouldn't give to see and witness all that in real life...

Grammy of 9 said...

I remember that dress....