Fathers Day

Sam celebrated his 4th Father's Day!!! We really struggled with what to get Daddy to show him how much we all love him. SO I came up with photos. He always says how much he misses his kids during the day so I was going to just get a photo album for him to take to work but that was LAME so I found the computerized photo frame. I downloaded pictures from before we had kids till now. It took me A LOT of time! But it is really cool and he said he stared at it at work for 3 hours. I hope he doesn't have much work to get done!!??
"What is this?"
The kids LOVED it! The stared at it for hours, and got really excited about every picture! It was fun for Sam and I to! The kids would ask us which kid was in the picture and Sam said more times than not "I don't know, Nikki......" ALl of our kids look to much alike for even Daddy to remember. I took every picture, so I guess that is why I remember so well. We love you Sam! You are our rock, or strength, and our entertainment! We live everyday for 5 o'clock when you get home! We love all that you do and sacrifice for us! You are the best Daddy, friend, lover, and playmate we could ever have!
We love you!!!

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