Recent Random Pictures

Piper is amazing! She is reading, and doing math (adding and subtracting), fractions, counting money, writing all her letters and numbers, and is a GENIUS! She surprises me everyday! She is my best friend and my biggest helper! She loves to learn and is eager to learn new things. She does everything but diaper changes. I don't blame her one bit. We tried the potty training, didn't catch. Well to his defense, I tried 2 days and decided I didn't want to push him. I already made him grow up way to fast with Odi so quickly behind him, that I wanted to keep him my baby a little bit longer! He knows all his letters, can put on his own shoes and we are learning to dress ourselves. He wants to do everything Piper does! He loves Lion King and will sing the songs all day long and dance and it is the most adorable thing ever! HE is also really into Peter Pan and sword fighting. If he has to watch Disney princess movies, might as well find something he can relate to! And my Miss Odes! She is the girliest little girl ever. She has to accessories with necklaces and bracelets and earrings. She will choose her own shoes that she thinks looks best and wants to wear a dress or something frilly everyday. She also will sit really still while I do her hair. The bigger the bow the better! She will go to the mirror and check herself out and twirl! She is bossy and demanding and manipulative, but also very sweet and helpful and absolutely ADORABLE!

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