When Sam was growing up, he only got a new toy on his birthday or Christmas. I guess that is a con to being one of 8 children. I don't buy my kids everything, but occasionally I do buy them small things here and there. Most of the time I tell them if they want a toy they need to save their money and if they still want the toy in 3 months, then I will get it for them. Usually they forget or we just put it on our "list" of things they want. Well Thaddeus and now Piper and now very much Odi, LOVE LOVE LOVE Lion king. We were at the Disney store a couple of months ago and they saw a Simba and Nola stuffed animals. They were $10 a piece so I told them we would have to put it on our list and save our money. Every time we went back they would hold them and hug them and put them back and tell them that they were saving their money and they would eventually take them home. Well after 3 months I said that we had saved enough money and could go back and get our animals. We went to get them and THEY WERE SOLD OUT! They were sold out for a month!!! My kids never got mad, they just said we will check next time and keep saving our money. Finally, we checked on Saturday and they were fully stocked! Of course the price was now $14 a piece due to the movie coming out on video in October. But a promise is a promise and they "saved" their money and we got them. OK so I told you that to tell you this. Sam thinks I am spoiling the kids and they are greedy and have the "gimmies". My parents didn't shower me with new toys every time we went to the store but occasionally we did get a new toy. My kids are thankful and and they were patient and never once threw a fit for it, even when they were sold out. Do you think my kids will get the "gimmies" from an occasional toy? I thought it was teaching them patience and appreciation and the value of the dollar? They haven't put them down since we got them and my only regret is that I didn't get Odi one! She loves them more than the other two!
Even Odi can steal one away long enough to give hugs!
So back to my question..... Will an occasional toy make my kids greedy and have what we call the "GIMMIES"?


MegRich said...

Heck no! I think that's great that you have your kids "save their money". And then you can realize if they really want it or not- very obvious they wanted those cute stuffed animals.

Grammy of 9 said...

My only complaint is Odi didn't get something too!