Our trip!

So in attempt to try to escape my reality and what my life is about to become, I ran to my folks house for a couple of weeks. We had a great time!!! It was over to soon, but we all missed Sam and I have to face what the next few weeks have in store for me sooner or later. We did so many fun things and got so many fun new toys (Thanks Meme) and Mommy got to relax!!! I have about 1276 photos but I will only post a few. There are a few more on my Facebook if you are lucky enough to be my "friend"!!!!!
All Teebs had to do was say "I love you Meme" and she was ready to get out her check book! She had him wrapped around her finger!
Relaxing on the deck!
I dare you not to fall in love with these faces!!!
This was a constant battle! They are both climbers and "investigators". Made for two fun exciting weeks!
We then found this bouncy house place in Joplin. My kids had a blast!!!!
This was Teebs favorite of course! He loves Alligators (thanks Captain Hook)!!!
I asked him if he wanted his picture taken. He said yes then made this face!! He makes me laugh about every 3 minutes! He just zoomed up this thing. Not a bone of fear in his body!
Little guys get tired after about an hour. She started "resting" anywhere and everywhere!
Then she had some company! My goal was to wear them out and needless to say, bedtime was not a problem that day!
My grandpa aka Papa E
These kids keep me going! I am one blessed Mommy to have all 3 of them in my life!
I would like to introduce the best part of visiting my folks, the most popular dog in my kids hearts, COCHISE! Odi was sad and kept asking for him after we left. Piper told me just to day she missed Cochise and then she cried a little cause she missed being with Meme and Papa and Cochise. And Thaddeus is completely head over heels for this dog! I don't know how he wont their affections so whole hardheartedly, but he did!
Hide and seek. If Teebs could stay quite and not giggle the whole time, he would be a pretty good hider. My mom made the kids (including Ace) super hero capes! They love 'em!
We put their initial on the back. The personal touch is so cute!!
Thank you Meme and Papa (and Cochise)!! We had a marvelous time!! We already miss you and can't wait to see you all in October! Thank you for the laughs, the toys and all the hugs! We couldn't ask for better grandparents!!


Rina said...

Being with family is the best. Especially when you have a grandma around to spoil the kids and take care of the mom! Your kids look like they had a lot of fun. I can't believe you are about to have a fourth!!! Are ya ready?!

Rina said...

Oh, and is that dog a shih tzu? It looks like my two doggies.

charlotte said...

Have you picked a name for the new little one? I can't wait to have more babies...it's kind of ironic that I actually have to wait right now though. I just really don't want to be 9 mo. pregs and in the middle of nursing school! Have a wonderful last month of pregnancy!

Grammy of 9 said...

You made me cry! The house is so quiet and poor Cochise (yes, he is a shih tzu, btw) is so lonely. He keeps following us around and wanting to play, but it just isn't like having three little people to play with. I can't wait to see you when Little Ace comes into the picture and then again at Christmas. Grandma Richardson will have so much fun when she is there. And then when you move to AZ next year, she'll have to take over part of my spoiling! The kids will go from a MeMe a thousand miles away with occassional visits to one right in town they get to see all the time! The only loser here? ME, well, and PaPa and Cochise, too.