Baby Ace update

So my baby is now 1 month old and amazing. He was losing weight and at 3 weeks and was half a pound lighter than at birth, the doctor had me supplementing with formula after I nurse him. In one week he had gained 9 ounces!!! YAY!! I was really struggling with nursing. I had scabs on both nipples, and had started to bleed from my nipples (tmi?) Once I got past all that and I thought we had finally got the hang of it all and the pain was going away, I woke up one morning with a high high fever and stabbing pains in my breasts. You guessed it, I had mastitis!!! I had it with Thad and just went to formula. But after the scabs and tears and bleeding and all the pain and tears I went thru to get to this point I was determined not to let it beat me. So I called my doctor right away and got on antibiotics. I have taken them for one day and already the fever is gone the headaches are gone and most of the pain is gone!!! Hopefully this is our last nursing battle we will have to overcome! He already smiles at me, follows me around the room with his eyes, holds his head up without bobbing, and can read!! OK he can't read but almost!!!! He sleeps 7 straight hours at night and is up most of the day. Which means I get some sleep but get nothin done during the day. Keeping up with 4 small children keeps you pretty busy. It doesn't leave much time for laundry, or dishes, or vacuuming, or grocery shopping, or regular showers! Can't complain though! I have to be one of the luckiest women in the world! I have 4 amazing children, a husband who bends over backwards to make me happy and a Father in Heaven who died for me! What more could a country girl from Kansas ask for?


salena said...

haha! i would've believed you if he could read! was piper reading at one month? :) and way to go with sticking to nursing even after all that!

MegRich said...

Aw Nikki... Mastitis is the worst! I had it with Tyler. Way to stick it out. Hope nursing is a breeze from here on out. I wish I could see baby Ace in person! Can't wait til you guys are here for good!