SO I know I have been MIA lately, but with 4 kids 4 and under, it gets kinda crazy here during the day and once the kids go to bed and Ace is taken care of I am completely wiped out! But here's Ace's birth story if I can stay awake long enough to write it all. Lots of long blonde hair that he is slowing losing but hopefully will come back blonde. Odi was talking to sweetly to him. SO cute! Friday the 23rd we were together as a family at Target getting the last few baby things I needed and I had a major contraction (I had been having contractions for over a week) and then I felt a little wet. For the rest of the day every contraction brought on a little wetness, so I was sure I would go into full blown labor but it never happened. So I went to bed and had a terrible nights sleep but that was normal. On a side note Sam and I had a niece that was a week behind me in our pregnancies and she lost the baby at 37 7 weeks. So when I woke up the next morning and I had felt him move since yesterday afternoon, and with the contractions and leaking, we both just kinda freaked out and I called my doctor. He said to come in and get checked out. So we did and I was having contractions while being checked but nothing concrete and they were going to send me home and decided to check me real quick since I was a 3 at my last doctors appt. over a week ago. They checked me and I was at a 6!!! Thad loves to "teach" him about Spiderman and blocks and pretty much everything. When he is awake he looks like Odi, when he is sleeping he looks just like Teebs did. They quickly changed their minds and decided at admit me. I wasn't having any really strong contractions or really any pain. I tested positive for Strep B this time so they admitted me and put me on the antibiotic that the baby would need. So after 4 hours they check me again and was going to break my water but the baby and the water weren't positioned right and the doctor said we would give it another hour or so and that he would put me on pitocin just to get my contractions regular so my water would break on its own cause I was still not having regular strong contractions. Well about 10 minutes on pitocin I was in pain. I asked for an epidural and they told me I needed to go to the bathroom first. SO I stood up and the pain got 100% worse. Thankfully Sam was there to hold me up or I would have fallen to the floor. He pretty much carried me to the bathroom, helped me go potty and then carried me back to the bed. (I love my husband!) At this point I was in A LOT of pain. The doctor looked at me and said "let's check you before your epidural" He checked then looked at me and said your fully dilated. If you push you will break your water and have a baby. SO I pushed, and the water broke. I pushed again and his head came out. When his head came out the rest of the water broke and gushed ALL OVER Sam's arm and leg and the doctor. With the rest of the water came the rest of the baby.
If I would have just stood up earlier I wouldn't have had to wait so long! They put him directly on my chest where he stayed for a good hour while I just held and nursed him.They have always whisked my babies away and got them clean and I got him about 20 minutes later, but this was way better!!! I didn't even tear at all this time which has made my recovery so easy and awesome! Although I have paid my dues in the nursing department. He is a good eater and has latched on awesomely, but he has a little mouth and wasn't getting enough and I got sore and blistered and scabbed. I was fine with the horrible pain till I started to bleed FROM MY NIPPLE!!! (sorry probably to much information) and on top of that he is losing weight so I have to start supplementing. All that pain and torture and tears is for nothing!!! I shouldn't be surprised though, the same thing happened with Odi. So far all the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE him! They fight over who holds him and they all want to constantly kiss him and get him a diaper and find his pacifier! I don't know how I got so lucky with my kids liking and LOVING each other, but I don't ask questions! Ace was 9 pounds even and 20 3/4 inches long. From the time I stood up to go potty to where I was holding him on my chest was about 4 minutes. 4 minutes of intense pain compared to some who are in pain for days, yeah I think I can handle that! Here we are right before we left the hospital with my improved family!

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Rina said...

Seriously? Best birth story ever. I would love to have a baby with only 4 minutes of pain... although I can't complain too much, I've not had it as bad as many have.

Anyway, you are a good story-teller and your kids are adorable, and you look great.

Congratulations! Hope you are finding time to rest.