Ace of Base

You have to remember Ace of Base. It was one of my favorites in the 90's! Well I named my son Ace so naturally I started calling him Acer then I started to sing him all the songs I knew of Ace of Base. Piper told me to stop singing them, but Ace loved the songs. OK well he probably just liked me singing to him, but anyway, so now I call him Acer Baser, at first to get a rise out of Piper but now it stuck and we all call him that! Thank you Ace of Base for the weirdest nickname I have come up with to date! But honestly, the songs are still awesome!! One of the songs is entitled "All that she wants". The lyrics go "All that she wants, is another baby, she's gone tomorrow boy, all that she wants is another baby......" I can promise you, I don't!


Anonymous said...

I like Acer Baser!

Andy and Sara said...

I LOVED Ace of Base!!! Oh memories!