Well it's hit, the darn jealousy!
Odi was fine with Ace while Grandma and Meme where here, but now that everyone has left and it is just me and the kids all day, she realizes just what is really going on. She will climb up next to me try to push Ace aside or off my lap. She says to me "Ace go, Ace go Daddy." Meaning she wants Ace to go to Daddy and have me all to herself. She still loves Ace. Wants to hold him and kiss him and help with him, but she wants her Mommy all to herself! I try to hold her as much as possible but between holding Ace and all the household chores and the other 2 kids, she just never seems to get held enough! Daddy is willing to hold her, but it HAS to be Mommy. Which is exactly what Ace thinks to! What to do what to do!


Anonymous said...

Lock yourself in bathroom and take a shower. :) oh wait maybe if you stink bad enough no one will want to get near you? Or send Odi my way, I'll take her a while.

Sara said...

Nikki, i honestly don't know how you have survived without me.