I had a niece that was due with her first baby, just a week after Ace was due. Her baby girl was born a couple of days before Ace. Unfortunately, Amelia was still born. When I heard the news I cried and cried. But the fact that she was my niece and I had a healthy baby, makes me feel even horrible. I don't want to share news of Ace and risk hurting the families feelings. I feel even worse when all I can do is complain about being tired or how much pain I was in nursing, or anything really cause I know my niece would have taken the physical pain over the loss of her baby. I know they are happy for me, I just hate it! Ace's birthday will be a yearly reminder of Amelia's death. (See was buried on his birthday). I know my Heavenly Father has a plan for us all. Even little Amelia who had to leave us to soon. I just remind myself daily that all 4 of my beautiful, healthy, striving children are a blessing from god.

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Rina said...

That's tough Nikki. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for your neice and all of your family. I don't know how some people handle the trials given to them.

It seems like all the more reason to celebrate Ace and the birth and health of your kiddos. Your neice will always remember that day regardless of your baby's birthdate. I hope they are doing okay.