Bring it Sister!!!

We made some new years resolutions this year. We have family ones and we all made individual ones. Ace made lots like sitting up to walking. Odi was easy. Learning the rest of her numbers letters and colors. Piper wants to learn Spanish and learn to roller skate. Thaddeus is finally going to master the potty and he wants to do a pull up like Daddy. Daddy wanted to find a new job, finish writing his books, and improve his temple attendance. I wanted to lose my baby weight, be more patient and compassionate to the kids and get in good enough shape to beat my sister in law in the Turkey trot next Thanksgiving. It motivates me and gives me a goal to get back into shape fast and I will be living in Arizona next Thanksgiving and thought it would be fun to do something with the family since lots of the siblings participate.
So bring it Sara!!!!


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