Try #17

This is our up-ten time to try to potty train Thaddeus. We have tried sticker charts, rewards, time outs, sweets, anything and everything to get this kid to go potty. The frustrating part is THAT HE CAN DO IT but wont! Piper on the other hand has been potty trained for over 2 years now and still has to wear a pull up at night. She goes a couple of days with no pee in her pull up in the morning but then the next night have to wake up in the middle of the night to change her clothes and bedding. So Sam and I made them a deal. Sam and I would gladly give them the money we would spend on diapers/pull-ups to spend on whatever they want instead of buying diapers. So we bought them a plastic jar and every time Thaddeus pees in the potty he gets a penny and every time he poops he gets a dime. Every morning that Piper wakes up dry, she gets a quarter. When they get enough money in their jars for a toy, they can take their money (after tithing) and spend it on whatever they want. We have been trying to come up with a good way for them to make money so they can pay tithing and learn money management. Hopefully us combing all this into one will pay off for us and our wallets. The funny thing is that Thaddeus after one day has 15 cents in his jar. Funny huh?
I made Odi one just in case she gets motivated and wants to try to go potty to. My biggest dream would be to have just one kid in diapers at a time instead of all 4. A mommy can dream right?


Rina said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! Alina just peed in the potty for the first time today. YAY! But I am definitely not going to potty train yet. I just want her to be comfortable doing it and she seems happy enough just to try from time to time.

ANYWAY, we had some trouble with our oldest with the night time potty training. So good during the day, but at night he'd wet the bed every couple of weeks. We did two things: no more milk at dinner or after, and we would wake him up just before we went to bed (maybe a few hours after he'd gone to sleep) to have him go potty. These two things seemed to do the trick. Also, our pediatrician said it is normal to wet the bed at night every so often at that age and with age it gets less and less.

But seriously, I hate potty training, and having 4 in diapers must be the pits! Good luck getting the 3 totally out of diapers soon.

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