Big changes

Baby Acey is now in his big baby crib. Odi learned she could jump out of it so we decided to move her out of it before she broke her neck. We moved Piper into the toy room where there is a twin bed. (She had really outgrown the toddler bed we bought her when we first moved to South Bend) Moved Odi into the toddler bed and we moved Acer Base into the crib. The first night was really hard for me. He was so little in that big bed so far away from Mommy. Then I when I woke up after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I didn't mind so much. He slept way better in the crib to. I hate when my babies reach milestones and grow up on me. (MY BABY WILL BE 5 MONTHS NEXT MONTH!!) I guess everyone was ready for a change except Mommy. Piper moved into a room by herself, Odi is in a toddler bed, Ace is now in a different room from me and I stopped drinking soda. It was all to much for me and I had a mini panic attack. I don't like change and chaos, and it all happened so fast, but I survived and everyone including me is happier. Still sad but happier! Getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night is doing wonders for my energy level!!!!
Doesn't he look so little in his big crib?
SO CUTE!!! So at 5 months he can roll over, sit up, eat solids, drink from a sippy cup, get up and rock on all fours, and break his Mommies heart. What will he do to me next?

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