I couldn't resist

I always feel lucky to be the mommy to 4 wonderful little people. But some days, I feel even more so! Bud would not let me take his picture, so you only get the more willing participants. Acey is getting so big. He can roll over, he can sit up, he can put his pacifier in his mouth. Everything but sleep threw the night! But at the same time I love just getting to hold him while it is quiet. No other kids to distract me from holding him and looking at him. Some times he will stop eating and just look at me and smile. I always thought he looked just like Thaddeus, but I was going threw old baby pictures of Miss Odes and they look even more alike. It will be fun to see who he looks like when he gets older! I love this little guy! My Miss odes is INSANE! She wants to be a big girl and yet wants to be the baby at the same time. She wants to be my big helper and yet still wants me to carry her everywhere. She wants to hold Acer but most of the time just to get him off my lap and into some one elses. She loves to follow me around and help with laundry or loading the dishwasher, or vacuuming. But her favorite thing to do is play games. She is constantly asking to play a game from the game closest. All my kids would rather play a board game than watch TV and I am ok with that. This is my bud as a baby! ISN'T HE CUTE! I was going threw old pictures and Thad being a baby is a blur. I got pregnant so fast with Odi that his babyness escapes me which I feel really bad about. He didn't get to be my baby. At 14 months old I made him grow up and be the big brother! The older he gets, the more he takes that role very seriously. Esp. now with a little brother. He can't wait to teach him about Super Heros and even wants to teach him how to go potty in the toliet! If you ever need a hug, he is your guy. He LOVES hugs and affection. He is officially potty trained. even Threw the night. He has had one poopy accident in the whole month we have been at this! He can zip his coat zipper, and is becoming even more like his Daddy (if that is possible) and is really liking numbers. I just can't believe he is 3 now!!! His face hasn't changed a bit since he was 9 months old! My big girl! Isn't she gorgeous? She reads anything and can read it fast. Instead of talking to me, she will spell the sentence out to me. So instead of a 2 seconds questions , it turns into a 2 minute questions. But I love it! She can add and subtract and do a little bit of fractions. She insists on helping with Ace and be a mommy to everyone whether they like it or not. She told me the other day I could go take a nap and she would watch the "kids" I told her thank you, but I wasn't that tired at the moment. She still lets me hold her and kiss her and will randomly come up to me and ask if she can kiss me and tells me I am the best Mommy! It's no wonder I feel so lucky to be their Mommy!

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