6 months

WOW! Time is flying! Acey just had his 6 months check up and is weighing in at 16 pounds. He has gone from the 50% to the 25th. The doctor said since he is moving more than an average 6 month old, he is just working off all the calories he eats. She isn't worried about him at all, but says if I want I can add extra butter to his mashed potatoes! He is reaching all the other milestones and is on the verge of crawling, so I'm not worried about it. Odi was 16 pounds on her 1st birthday, so I think Ace is just fine.
He has a head full of blonde hair and has see-threw blue eyes. He loves to laugh and "talk". He is starting to care about who is holding him and where his Mommy is. He is in the middle of teething so we have some cranky times, but he is a happy and wonderful baby! He is our 2nd "surprise" baby, but I am starting to LOVE surprises!!!

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