Grandma's cookie jar

When I was growing up, my Grandma May had a pig cookie jar. It was wearing overalls and was winking. It was ugly but there were always cookies in it.
My Grandma May died almost 6 years ago. I miss her every day. My sister and I wanted Grandma's ugly pig cookie jar. Unfortunately, since my Aunt Roxie gave her the jar, she took it back. I looked it up online and if I had an extra 295 bones, I could buy it. But I don't! So when I was down at my Grandpa May's house a few weeks ago, I looked at all of my Grandma's cookie jars. She collected some, among other things, and she had tons. There were some cute ones, but I wanted one that she actually put cookies in. I recruited my Grandpa to show me his warehouse and in there was a jar she used along side the pig. I never really paid any attention to it cause the pig was always so ugly I noticed it instead. But Grandpa said she used it so I grabbed it and now I have it on my counter with cookies in it. I think of my Grandma every time I see it. I wear a necklace of hers every time I go to the temple as well. Hoping maybe she will be close to me. I love that I have and am using something of hers. She was a wonderful lady and an even better Grandma. She taught me to play Crazy 8's, and to eat white cake with cool whip instead of frosting. She let me play with her hair and do whatever I wanted to it. She let me watch Nickelodeon and have a can of soda every time I went to her house. She hugged me and told me she loved me. She made me feel loved at a time in my life that was really hard for me. I think of her daily and having just her plain old cookie jar reminds me of her love for me.
Who knew a cookie jar could do so much?


Andy and Sara said...

Sweet post Nikki! My grandma had a candy jar I loved!

Leesa said...

Isn't it funny how things our grandparents had when we were kids can mean so much?? My Grandma had some little juice glasses that we always used. They were ugly, but I was soooo sad when I thought they were long gone. Then I found out my brother somehow ended up with 3 of them. Brothers don't always care about that kind of stuff, so now they are mine!