My Baby turns 5!

Bittersweet day at my house! I am so excited for Piper to grow up and see the kind of person she will be, and yet I can't stand not having her be my baby anymore. She has grown up so much and so fast in this past year I hardly recognize her anymore. She has gotten so big physically and she is just so dang smart! Reading, and doing fractions, and spelling things, and she organizes her stuff and sorts it (makes me proud!). She is just so grown up! This birthday was really important to her. I tried to make it a great day for her! We woke up and had pancakes. I made her a huge pancake with a "5" on it.
She got to open her gift from me (which is always a pretty new birthday dress). We then went to lunch with Daddy, but of course I forgot my camera.
We came home and our friends came over and we opened their gifts! She got a Barbie purse that she LOVES!! She has carried it with her since!
After dinner we had cupcakes with pink and purple frosting cause that his her favorite colors of course.
Odi kept licking her cupcake. Eventually she ate it like a human but it was really funny to watch!
Acey kept reaching for a cupcake. I told him his time for a birthday cupcake would come soon enough!
Then the next day, we took some girlfriends to see the movie "Mirror, Mirror". She wanted that instead of a party. Going to a movie is Sam and I's favorite thing and we have kinda passed that on to our kids.
She got makeup from a friend and she loved it! The same friend also gave her earrings! That was a huge hit! She also got a Strawberry Shortcake toy. She was IN HEAVEN!!!
Her besties! I am so glad she has some dynamite girlfriends! I had a fabulous time driving them around and listening to their conversations.
She has told me over and over she had the best birthday and she loves being 5! I am still undecided about having a 5 year old but I sure do love my little girl!!!


Aaron & Nancy said...

I thought you said Sam was the one who doesn't want his girls to grow up. I don't think he's the only one, but I can't say I blame you! I'm not any happier about my two little girls growing up either!

Andy and Sara said...

Can NOT believe that she is 5!! I remember bringing dinner to you guys after she was born! Time sure flies!!