Well she's done did it

My Baby went ahead and turned 2! I can't stinkin believe it. No matter how much I try to bribe them to stay little, they grow up anyways! (How's my English Mom?) my Miss Odes turned 2! We had a play date, then went to lunch with Daddy, took a nap (who doesn't want a nap on their birthday?) went to dinner, opened presents and had a cupcake. They even sang to her, at the restaurant, on her birthday, which she LOVED!!! She is an amazing little girl that surprises me everday. The things she can say and do and figure out are incredible! She knows about half of her alphabet, all her colors, and numbers and can count to 10 with a little bit of help around the 6, 7, and 8. She loves to get her nails clipped and painted and be in pretty dresses. Her hair is finally long enough and thick enough I can french braid her bangs. She loves grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk. She loves to be read to and someone to sit and do a puzzle with her. She is a fantastic mommy to all her baby dolls and even her real baby brother. She loves to help set the table and is really good about eating dinner if there is dessert! She is Mommy's pride and joy and I love being her Mommy!
I usually buy the girls a pretty new dress for their birthdays and let them open that present first thing in the morning.
Mini fashion shoot. She acted shy at first then loved the attention!
I found a play date for P and T and took Odi to see Daddy at his office for lunch, where Daddy then gave Odi his present. By far her favorite. It was a Tramp doll. You can tell on her face, she LOVED it!
We went to Applebee's last year on her birthday and I look for any reason not to fix dinner so I said it was "tradition" and we went again this year. I took a picture of her last year at Applebee's in this same pose. I didn't pose her for the picture she just laid on the table by herself and I said, Odi, DON'T MOVE! And she didn't! I will find that picture and post it!
Finally, we can open presents!
(Don't I have the cutest little bunch?)
A princess puzzle from T
A princess cd player from P
He couldn't wait to get a hold of all that paper!
(Photo courtesy of Piper.)
Then the cupcakes, that P helped me decorate.
(Sorry Acey, maybe next year)
Happy Birthday Miss Odes.

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