Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Sam and I tried really hard to teach our kids all about the "true meaning" of Easter. I can proudly say they know it was about Jesus's death, his resurrection, and his sacrifice for us so we could all return to our Heavenly Father again once we are resurrected. We did still celebrate with some candy and family Easter basket. I didn't want to spend so much money (one kid was expensive, 4 is is insane!) and Sam suggested a "family" Easter basket. I am not big on candy either, so instead they got some dollar movies, a book, and 1 dollar flip flops. That Easter Bunny knows me so well!
All the pictures Sam took came out fuzzy, but it is of me and my girls. Maybe it's a good thing it is fuzzy! I had no make up on. Good thing I don't have smell-0-pictures! I hadn't brushed my teeth yet either!

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