Poisoned Apple

So Sam has called me Snow White recently, well sneaky little Thaddeus came up to me to day and asked me to eat this plastic apple we have. I told him I had just eaten and was folding laundry and didn't want to get the clothes all sticky from the apple juice. He wasn't buying it. He kept trying to persuade me by saying, "It's just pretend", "It wont hurt you", "Just a little bite". I asked him why he wanted me to eat it so bad and he said cause I was Snow White and she eats an apple. I reminded him that it was a poison apple and it killed her. He smiled his little smile and said "I know" and laughed and laughed. I then reinforced I was not eating the apple cause it was poisoned. He assured me it wasn't. After about 5 minutes I agreed to eat the plastic apple ( just so he would leave it alone!). I took "a bite" and pretended to faint right on the big pile of clothes I was folding. I had my eyes open just enough to watch him. He stared at me for a moment, smiled, and then came up to me. I thought he was going to kiss me and wake me up, but no, he comes up and kicks me like you do a deer when you hit it with your car. I blew my cover and started to laugh. WHAT A PUNK! My son tried to poison me and was excited when he thought it worked! That story explains my sons personality perfectly! He is tricky, sneaky, lethal, and funny all in one little body!

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Ann said...

My 4-year old grandson also has a fascination with fairy tales. A few times a month Brooke will pick Ben up from pre-school and will make a run to Costco before picking the other kids up from school. Most Costco runs include a slice of pizza for lunch.

On a recent visit, Ben was in a bad mood...a very bad mood. Brooke said something about if he couldn't be happy then they needed to go home without getting lunch so he could have a rest. He replied that she needed "a Sleeping Beauty rest."

In reply to her asking what a Sleeping Beauty rest was, he said, "You know. When you go to sleep and don't wake up until someone kisses you."

To which he then expanded "And Dad isn't home to kiss you!"

I think the little turkey thought he could get rid of mom telling him to change his attitude if she went to sleep.

Btw, Ben got an attitude change rather quickly!!!