"Take your kid to work day"

 So that is exactly what Sam did. Well at least half of his kids anyway. Piper and Thaddeus took a back pack of things to stay busy for the couple of hours they were there. Piper took her book she is writing. Thaddeus took some Spider-man stickers and they shared some snacks with Daddy.

 The two little ones went and played at an indoor park with Mommy in downtown South Bend. Then Odi picked out some candy from the Chocolate Factory and shared them with the others when we went to pick them up. This is the first family photo with all 6 of us that isn't half bad! To bad Acey couldn't leave Pipers hair bow alone though!!! Did I just say all 6 of us? W.O.W.
Aren't I married to the most handsome attorney ever!?

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