This darn bird!!!

I posted a picture a while back about a Momma Bird making her nest in our back yard. Well she finally laid her eggs and I stress over this dang bird to wear I get migraines! I don't feel like she sits on the nest enough. I am worried someone is going to touch the nest. I am afraid something else will find it being so long to the ground and destroy the nest. Why do I care about this bird so much?? Well anyway, there she is! Those eggs better make it!!
My girls, however, love the Momma bird and her nest. Odi is always looking out the window and giving me updates. She constantly reminds me that there are 3 eggs and that they are blue. We could be in the car at Wal-Mart and she will see a bird and ask me if that is our Momma Bird! She is so sweet!

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