Why do i have to be snow white?

 So the 3 people that read my blog, you all know by now that I have birds. They are so fascinating to watch. They are acting more like birds. Flapping their wings, using their beaks, making A LOT of noise.
 Here is one stretching just a little. He saw me mid stretch and then stopped.

 This is the Daddy bird feeding them. They almost fly out of the nest trying to get feed.
 The nest is just filled with fluff. You see an occasional beak and dark beady eyes staring at you!
 But here is the twist to my birds.  I had some pigeons snooping around the nest the other day. I was watching them and they would sneak a little closer and a little closer til the Mommy came and flew right into her and scared her off., It was awesome to watch. Well the pigeons (yes, two) kept snooping around until yesterday when they started making their own nest on my drain !! They were going to jack my bird nest!

One will fly and get a twig and the other will take it from the other one and build the nest. It is so cool to actually see it, except I don't want pigeons! My Robin's clean up there poop, they are small and they built there nest so I could take pictures and spy on them. I can't see this nest and if it is in my backyard, I want to be able to see it darn it!  

Why am I attracting every living creature into my backyard! I have a family of chipmunks, a family of bunnies, and two bird nests! WHAT IS HAPPENING!??!!

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Rina said...

Ha ha!!! I bet the kids love the "wildlife" in your yard. We get bunnies that come through every day and it is always the highlight of the day for the kids... and the dogs.

We also have doves in our big evergreen out back - the good thing is they make a cute cooing sounds and they mate for life. So go with those and they'll grow on you too!