8 months!

 Oh, I am so IN LOVE with this boy! He is really loving Mommy right now. He will crawl all over the house looking for me and when he finds me his face just lights up and he smiles and races for me. He will grab my face with both hands and just attack! I call them kisses but it is really just licking me and biting my nose and sucking my cheek but I love it! 

This boy loves crackers and loves loves loves to drink lemonade from a sippy cup! He eats whatever is on my plate and eats more than I do of it. If I don't get it into his mouth fast enough he screams! I don' tmean cry or whimper or fuss, he screams!!! He only likes Mommy to feed him and hold him, and change him and well he prefers Mommy to do it all. Kinda just like the rest of my crew! 

He crawls everywhere and walks along furniture and will walk if I hold his hand. He has two little Mommy's that take very good care of him and one big brother who likes to wrestle with him. Bud never gets mad or is mean to him when Ace tackles him and pulls his hair. He is so patient with him. I really do have some great kids don't I? When Acey really wants me he will start to make the MMMM sound. I think he is on the verge of just shouting out Momma. 

He loves to dance. Anytime there is music or someone starts to sing he starts shaking all he's got. He loves to play under the dinning room table and loves to be scared. He has hair on the very top of his head that I can not get to lay down. He still has no teeth but none of my kids have gotten any teeth before they are 9 months old. I really prefer it that way. Once they get teeth the lose that baby toothless grin and that is my absolutely favorite thing about babies!

 I could go on and on and on about how great and special this little boy is. 
 I thank my Heavenly Father every day that he sent me my Acey!

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