99 problems but my man ain't one

That is how I feel lately. Everything else is having problems but my man is the only thing that is just perfect! He loves me and helps me and even rubs my back. That is one of my main problems. Since I gave birth vaginally to a baby that was to big to go thru my birth canal but broke her way thru anyway, my hips and lower back have never been the same. And I have always been cursed or blessed, depending how you look at it, with a 34F sized rack, which gives me major upper back problems. One of my other problems is money. Who doesn't have that problem though right? My Mom told me a long time ago when I was first divorced and was having my first "financial struggle", that if my only problem was money, then I didn't have any problems. For some reason that has always helped me. I have 4 beautiful, healthy, funny, happy children. A husband that works hard to provide for us and is faithful and loves me to no end. So with that all said, do I really have any problems?

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