Beauitful afternoon

 It was in the low 70's with a slight breeze, it was the perfect day to spend all afternoon outside, and that is just what we did. I am fortunate enough to live right next door to a very good friend, so she and I chatted all afternoon while 10 kids played around us! She has 4, and then she was also watching her niece and then another little neighbor boy came out and played to for a while. We all had a blast! Even Acey enjoyed crawling around in the grass. As long as Mommy isn't more than a foot away at all times, he is a pretty happy baby! They all wore themselves out and I got a little bit of Sun! I love Indiana in the spring!!!!

Bud was having a bad day so he wouldn't pose for pictures, but he was there and I do love him just as much as the others!!

 Isn't he cute in his hat!?? He likes wearing it to!

 They were using rackets as guitars.
 Bud was getting the propellers to spin and Acey was loving it. He kept kicking and laughing!
 The little girl next to my big girl is exactly a year younger than Piper. You can say there is a bit of a size difference! I just bought Piper some new shorts and there is no longer a "T" at the end of her size! She is wearing a girls 6! WOW!

The scooter is bigger than Odi, but she is still determined to ride it!    Persevere!!!!!

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MommyJo said...

Too funny! Well my daughter is 3 yrs older than piper and she currently wears a size 6 ;)... We're hoping that the 6x/7 fit next school year perhaps ;)