Extreme Couponing

So, I found a job I could do. It would be delivering papers in the wee hours of the morning. I would really prefer to go to work and be home before my kids wake up and I have to feed Ace. Then they are never with a a sitter and I wont miss anything. The catch is I need an Indiana Drivers License. I have been in IN for 5 years and still have an Arizona license. It would really suck to get a new license 3 months before I left the state!  I am not sure it is worth the hassle. 
What I really need to get into is Extreme Couponing. I watched an episode last night on TLC and a lady spent $2153.27 in groceries and they gave her $1.58 back! If I could spend no money on groceries, I could save close to $500 A MONTH! I figure if I can't get a job (why won't anyone hire me!?!?!), then I might as well do what I do best and that is be thrifty and save money!  To do that, I have to cut all our "extras". I don't know how we will all survive without cable and internet (the kids included) but we will manage. We will have to play more barbies, more superheros, more puzzles and more pool time! 
Try to enjoy our last summer before Piper starts school!

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