Girly check-ups

Piper went in for her 5 year old check up and Odi went in for her 2 year check up this morning. We can start with Piper first. She is in the 95th percentile for height, 80th for weight and has 15% body fat. Piper has been really consistent her whole life being in nothing less than the 90th percentile. Odi is in 55th for height and weight and also has 15% body fat. Odi grew 2 1/2 inches in 6 months and is finally in the 55th! She has never been bigger than 25th! YAY FOR ODI! She is finally perfectly average!!

The doctor always gives me a print off of what they should be doing and what to expect from that age group. I read Odi's while waiting for the nurse to come back and give them their shots. Nothing out of the ordinary. She was doing all the pamphlet said she should be doing. Then I go to Pipers 5 year old pamphlet. I am reading right along and then I read a bullet that says they can be sexually curious. That is not a surprise to me. Piper has asked (a couple of years ago) why she and Thaddeus look different. We explained that she was a girl and what Thaddeus has makes him a boy. That was it, she never asked again. Well the next thing I read is "it is perfectly normal for them to masturbate. You should encourage this practice and have them do it in private."


  • For one, I don't think a 5 year old should or would being doing that. 
  • Two, do it in private as apposed to letting them do it in public? 
  • Three, I don't think anyone should be doing that no matter the age or place!    

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this so called pamphlet? Am I just naive? Am I ignorant? Or am I just the last person in the world with morals? I want to go find the editor of this so called "pamphlet" and punch him right in the face!


Wonder Woman said...

Holy cow! I can not BELIEVE that was in the pamphlet! None of my kids' 5-yr pamphlets said that!!! It's seriously disturbing.

Anonymous said...

What the crap?! Maybe I'll punch those people in the face with you! ridiculous!

Aaron & Nancy said...

Crazy! I haven't ever had a dr. give me their percentage body fat.

Rina said...

That's weird. I can understand the curiousity at that age, but not how I would advise handling the situation. Just proves you can't believe everything you read and you have to use your best judgement on what parenting advice to follow and what to throw out the door. My personal opinion is go with the gut and throw out all the books... or in this case pamphlets.