Happy Mommy Day

First thing this morning while I was still asleep, Bud jumps up on my bed and gets right in my face and whispers, Happy Mother's Day, I love you! Bud is the absolute sweetest and one of the most thoughtful humans I know. He is always the first to hug you if you need it and then he will also be the last! 
I feel so thankful to be their Mommy! I am showered with love and kisses all day long. Piper is always telling me how beautiful I am and how nice I am, always followed by kisses and hugs!

My day started out by Sam letting me sleep in til 10 IN THE MORNING! Then he bathed all the kids and helped me get them ready for church. How awesome!! Sam is usually at church early and I have to get the kids bathed and dressed and ready for church all by myself. So just the fact that he was home was enough for me! Sam also made a strawberry bisque. It is like a cold strawberry soup. We first had it on the cruise ship we took for our honeymoon. Then he did dishes and cleaned up dinner! What more could a lady ask for? I have 4 great kids, but I also have a wonderful husband who loves me and made me feel loved on this wonderful Mothers day! 

I want to say thank you to all those Mother's out there that have effected my life tremendously!! Of course my mom who gave birth to me and raised me and put up with me all those years I was a horrible teenager and  threw my divorce. She never once wavered and always stood behind me! My mother in law who raised an awesome man and has taught me so much about so many wonderful things! My twin sister who was always my play mate and best friend. And Sam's sisters who, by example, taught me the kind of mother I wanted to be even before I was a mother! The love I have in my heart for these handful of women is unmeasurable! Happy Mothers Day!!

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Sommerflower said...

Hee i am from switzerland. I go in the english school and this is a very good exercise and very interesting. :) love greetings summerflower