I just crossed a line

 These darn pigeons! They have been here 1 day and they are irritating me!

If you don't know me very well then you don't know I like to be in control of my surroundings. I like to know what is going on and I like them to go on in a very clean orderly fashion. Well these birds are not only stupid but messy. They are trying to build a nest on my drain but there is about 3 inches between the brick and the drain. When they bring twigs they just fall between and pile up under the drain. I have a huge pile of leaves in my backyard, which does not fly with my neat and orderly fashion! So I got frustrated and went outside, picked up the huge pile of twigs, balled it up and set it up on the drain. Yes, I just helped these stupid birds make a nest in my backyard that I didn't even want to stay! I have finally lost! I thought me "helping" would scare them off. My scent on the sticks or the fact that I did it, or whatever, but no, the Momma bird came up sat down and the Daddy is still getting more twigs as we speak. What DUMB birds! What a dumb Nikki! Sam, I'm sure, called me the Bird Whisperer. I hope they don't tell their friends.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha the bird whisperer! you found a talent you can showcase! haha