Our Memorial Day

 After I got up at 10 AM!!! and after grocery shopping, and after lunch, we went swimming! We had a great time! They were all fearless and went under the water.

 Bud spent a lot of the time like this. Why? He stayed up way to late last night watching Ninja Warrior that he was to tired to do much of anything. He didn't even make it to bed time prayers today.
 Once Ace and Daddy woke up fromt heir naps they joined us at the pool to! Ace LOVED it! He never stopped smiling!

 Once Acey got out of the bee floaty, Odi got in and went around trying to sting people! It was so cute. She was "buzzing" and trying to tag everyone in the pool!
 Don't ask!
 Then we had grilled hot dogs for dinner and Sam made a delicious peach cobbler for dessert! It was soooo yummy!
 Sam and I know we had a good day if they are falling asleep at the dinner table. That is my goal every day!
 Even Piper was in her bed and asleep by 7:10!!!
We had a great day and loved the extra day Daddy had to spent with us!  

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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