What we did today!

Believe it or not, it was 88 degrees in South Bend Indiana today!  Jacket weather back home in Arizona, but here it was HOT!! Sam and I even got into our suits. But don't worry, you have been punished enough with Sam shirtless that I wont make you see me in my bathing suit! 

We were out there for about 3 hours til I figured they were burnt enough and we came in. Ace was asleep for most of the swimming, but was out with us for about 30 minutes which was all I would let him stay out in the sun anyway.

 Divas have to relax!

Acey absolutely LOVED the water! He had his own pool so he wouldn't get pushed around by everyone else. He just crawled around and tired standing up by himself and splashed and laughed. He had about an inch thick blanket of sun screen on him, but he didn't get burned!!

We had a great afternoon. Sam had to leave early to go to church. This weekend is our Stake Conference and we had an apostle coming to speak! So Sam went to go be spiritually uplifted while I gave bathes to 4 screaming, cranky, tired, children. Something about this doesn't sound right?

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Aaron & Nancy said...

Who would ever believe an American Ninja spends his Saturday hanging out in a kiddie pool? What a cool Dad!