Birthday Boy!!!

Just so you know, I am handling my baby turning 1 very well! Thank you for asking! He is so cute! He is such a ham! He has this scrunchy nose toothless smile. (yes he still only has 2 bottom teeth) The kids each gave him a present. Dad and I gave him some new shoes but he has been wearing those for a week or so now. He actually loved everything he was given. Good going kids!

Ace can stack blocks! Who knew? He is actually really good at it! He will shake his head yes or no to any question you ask him. He loves to play outside and get into the dirt. He has no patience when it comes to meal times. He wants his food and he wants it NOW! He walks more than he crawls and he is getting fast! He loves to be chased and tickled and loves to dance! 
 Sorry it's kinda blurry, but we all still look pretty happy anyway. Do you like the block on my sons head?
 We have been kinda caked out with all the birthday celebration we have had all week, so we opted to just give him a single cupcake that we bought at Wal-Mart! He gobbled it all up, so I don't think he minded!

Oh my gosh he does the cutest things! I am one lucky Mommy to get 4 cute kids! 

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