1st day of Kindergarten

Well, she went and did it. My baby grew up! She started Kindergarten! She LOOOVES it! Everyday she has had an "O" day. The O stands for outstanding behavior. I wouldn't expect anything less from my Piper! She gets dressed, brushes her hair, gets her shoes on all before 8 in the morning every morning even though she has only half day kindergarten and doesn't start til noon.  She will even hug me and tells me she loves me in front of her friends before she leaves to go to class. I wasn't going to hold her hand or hug her or say anything but have a good day, so I could avoid the "Mom you're embarrassing me" speel. It makes me leaving her just a little bit easier! I think the half day class was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father!!! 

Isn't she so pretty and so big!!!

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