New Job

So I got a job. I am the newest Wells Fargo employee. I went in for a group interview on Tuesday and they said that in 48 hours we would hear back from someone one way or another. Well a couple of hours later I get a phone call from one of the managers in the meeting with fantastic red heels and said she wanted me to come into her branch for a 2ND interview and meet the other manager of the branch. I sat down with them and she instantly said "I was really impressed with you and if you don't have any questions for us I want to hire you." She said she can see me growing fast within the company and being a manager within a year and she wanted to be part of my success. I am pretty sure she got me confused with someone else, but I'll take the job none-the-less. I really only wanted a job that would support us while Sam got his own practice up and running,  but that could be a couple of years so I guess this is for the best.

So the job is 40+ hours a week which means I am no longer a stay-at-home Mommy. Sam will stay home with them and do all his work around the kids schedules. I don't have any work clothes. I got rid of all my banking clothes 6 years ago when I quit working and thought I would never go back to working. Life happens and I am, but the plus side to all this is I get to go buy new clothes!!! YAY! Maybe even a couple of new heels!

As I was getting ready for my 2ND interview, I knew I was already hired. I could feel the dread and sadness already. Piper was laying on my bed watching a movie and she said "Mom come lay down with me and watch  this." I said I had to leave but I would love to just lay down with her and cuddle more than anything.  . She said "You can come lay with me whenever you want." I started to cry. The truth is, that I can't do that anymore. I will be gone from 7 to 6 everyday! I will be lucky if I see any of them at all thru the day! I might not make it! Poor Ace wont even remember me. He will start to prefer Daddy over me! I might just crumble up and die! I want to be a MOMMY!!  It is only temporary and it is what has to happen to support my family and get our life started, but it doesn't make it any easier!  It also puts off our plans of having another baby. We were wanting to get pregnant before Christmas, but I just can't work and be pregnant and then leave that baby just 6 weeks after it is born! I physically could not leave my baby. I guess we have to many as it is anyway that we can't afford. Sam and I have always said we would rather have kids than money, but when you have 4 kids already and have no money to support those, you have to be responsible. I hope Heavenly Father understands why I can't bring one of his sweet spirits to earth.

Sam better make us millions....and fast!!!


Rina said...

Congratulations on your new job. I know it isn't the job you want, but hopefully it will be exciting in its own way. Good luck with the job and missing your babies all day long.

Unknown said...

My heart aches for you, because I know how you feel about this. But remember its only temporary until Sam gets on his feet. I know you will miss the kids as much as they will miss you, just hang in there and pray a lot. I love you so much.

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