Meme and Papa's house!

So my folks came up to help us move then we stayed with them at their house for a few days before we headed out west. We had a great time and our stay was way to short!
 More proof that Odi was lightening up. Well at least with Papa!
 This is my kids favorite activity at Meme and Papa's house. The legos are the same legos Kelli (my twin sister) and I played with growing up! Piper always asks for them frist thing!
 Thaddeus has been talking about eating a frog leg with Papa for months, so my Dad took us out to eat some with my grandpa, Papa E. Piper ate 5 legs, Thaddeus ate 2 and well Odi held on for the picture!
 Even Sam braved a bite!

 My Dad tried to get us to eat a craw-dad, but no one was brave enough to eat one but Piper. He lost me after he said he had to suck the meat out of the head. NO THANK YOU!
 The girls loved cuddling up with Meme and watching a movie!
Thank you Meme and Papa for taking us in and letting us be with you for a couple of days! We already miss you!

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Amanda and Chris said...

I hope Mimi didn't have anymore "interesting" books for the kids. Ha!