In case you need us...

....we'll be outside. We are outside all day and I love it! It is hot but actually 100 degrees here is not so bad as long as you stay in the shade. Yes, it's dry heat, but 100 degrees, dry or not, is still hot, but you get used to it. 

 Odi can always be found with 1 or more babies playing house. Piper is usually playing house with her or helping Grandma in her garden.
 Ace is so funny. He thinks Grandma's sole purpose is to take him out whenever he wants. He only thinks that cause she does. He will pull on her legs and point to the door. If you ask him if he wants to go outside he will shake his head yes and giggle. How could you say no to that? 

 Thaddeus, on the other had, hardly ever wants to go outside. He would rather be inside playing the computer, watching TV, or sleeping. Grandpa watches sports, Sam is on the computer and Bud is on Grandpa's tablet. At least they are all in the same room.
 Ace is discovering he can go where ever he wants to go with his new found freedom. He climbs in and out of everything and climbs and stands on everything, and hangs and jumps on and off of everything.