Time out

My 3 older children would not stop fighting and whining and hitting and fighting with one another, so I sent them all to time out to just chill for a moment. 2 seconds later Acey walks over there and sits with them. I told him that he wasn't in trouble and didn't have to sit there. So he moves in front of them and starts to yell at them! Acey was just laughing and thought it was so fun. He is even laughing while I was taking the picture!  What do I do with that kid?

Thaddeus is 3. And if you have or have ever had a 3 year old, you know that the terrible two's bow down to the 3's. Well my sweet, tender-hearted, very eager to please little boy, has hit the terrible 3's! He argues with us about everything, he refuses anything we offer just to fight about it. He whines and throws fits (which he has never done). Picks on his sisters, and hits them constantly. It took Sam and I a minute to remember that he was 3 and we just up and moved cross country and he might be having a rough time, so we are trying to kill the terrible 3's with kindness. Hugs and kisses and reminding him that we love him over and over, even when he is yelling that he doesn't like me and that I'm a meany and he wont ever be nice to me, etc etc....

Any advice from those veteran mommies to 3 year old boys??

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