I know Halloween was a while ago but working 50+ hours a week leaves little time for blogging. Anyway, stop complaining and just enjoy the pictures!

 We went to a family party the weekend before. Piper was a fairy princess, Thaddeus was a cowboy, Odi was a ballerina and Ace was Super man ( He had an "S" onsie and a cap on) Sam was Thor (obviously) and I went as Jane foster.
 The day before Halloween, Sam and the kids carved their pumpkins while I was at work. Odi screamed when she put her hand in the pumpkin and it go all gooey. Piper was better. She cleaned it out but did it with the most disgusted face! The video was hilarious!

 Pipers was Minnie Mouse. Odi's was just a happy face and Buds was a Ninja Turtle! Sam did pretty good huh?
The actually night the kids went to our wards trunk or treat. I got off work mid way thru and was able to join them for a little while before it was bed time!  Only ON Halloween, Odi was Little Miss Muffett and Bud was Spiderman. And yes it was warm enough for Acey to be in a sleeveless shirt and not be cold AT ALL!!

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