Where to start....

    So it's a new year and I had my last day at the bank in the first week of January, because Sam started at a small firm in Mesa January 2nd!!! We are so glad to have things back to the way they should be! Mommy at home and Daddy working his tail off! 6 weeks later, Odi still asks me everyday if I am going to stay with her! I think she was really suffering and she herself didn't even realize it. It was a hard adjustment coming back but we figured it out. I missed the bank for a while. I missed my friends I had made. I still miss them but I don't miss my kids anymore and that is a fantastic feeling!  As for Sam, I think he is relived to pass the stay at home parent role back to me. No offense to Sam, but he wasn't good at it! I am better at home and he is better at making money!!!! He isn't making very much, but it is enough to get some unpaid bills paid and hopefully get caught up on credit cards and thanks to his folks we have no rent!! We hope to be on our own soon, but it is a huge blessing to have his folks open their home to us wild and crazy and rather loud bunch! I did get a calling into Young Women's in church. I gave my first lesson this past Sunday. Everyone was crying at the end. I either did really bad, or really good??

    Piper is still thriving in school. She comes home with 100% on every paper but did recently realize that boys can be mean. A bunch of boys in her class told her and her girly friends that they were ugly and losers. I told her boys will probably by mean for a couple of years. She said that was just silly. I agreed but boys will be mean stinkin boys! I know I got 2 of em!

    Thaddeus is learning to write his name and reading small words and doing simple math. It is slow but with all the other kids and his lack of concentration he is doing well!

     Odi is completely and fully potty trained and we have only had 3 night time accidents in 2 months! She is also learning to write her name and will call herself Princess Odessa and is always always in a princess dress up dress!

     Ace is Ace. He is a handful and gets into everything. l He loves to run into the street and bark at dogs. He says "Mom" and the phrase "I want that" Seriously, no words but phrases from that boy! He is a character and a half and loves trying to be just like his 3 older siblings! He loves his Momma and doesn't let me leave the room without him, EVER. If I do run away and hide he will go to each room yelling "Ma, Ma" till he finds me. But it's worth that 5 seconds of aloneness cause when he does find me he gets a huge cheesy grin and runs to hug me! He is a pill  but a pill I love taking!

     And then there is #5. If this is news to you, good. We haven't told anyone really. By the time you have #5, people stop giving congratulations and give you dirty looks! Sam and I are thrilled!! It isn't exactly ideal timing but we haven't planned any of them yet, why start now! We don't have any insurance so I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I'm only 25 weeks!! I know I know I should be on insurance the 1st of March and have an appt March 4th to see a doctor. I have done this enough and my labors are so fast I can do it myself  I'm sure. Sam could help! Sam has a brother that is a doctor, we can ask him to assist! (just teasing!!!! kinda)

       We could use some help in the name department though. We have an adorably cute and fitting girl name, but since we have a girls name it will be a boy and we are completely 100% at a loss for boy names. We need something that will fit with the rest of the names and is still cool and unusual enough to be awesome without being weird! So throw em at me if you got them!!! 



Nat said...

Wow! Glad you updated! Congrats on Sams new job and also on #5!!! I will be checking back soon to see what it is! I know, boy names are hard! I searched forever with bridger! How about maverick, Ryder, or grey?! Hmmm, good luck!

charlotte said...

I knew it! Congrats :) Boys name...Tage, Chanson, Ryker, Gideon, Titus...thinking of more for you. Awesome that Sam found a job and you are at home again, it's the best!