County Fair with girlfriends

On Sunday.....
On Sunday night Sam had some meetings at the church. We usually go to bed at 8 but we were going to stay up to wait for Daddy. Well, at 7:55 I saw her lay down on the floor and fall asleep. Daddy walked in the door 5 minutes later! It was the cutest thing, but she just couldn't make it any longer!
MOO Cows. As soon as she saw them she started "mooing" at them! We just learned that cows go MOO, and she was very excited about it!
These sheep came right up to Piper and Brooklyn and let them pet them. I think they were after their shoes to nibble on, but still cute!
Piper and her cheeto face! She almost made it, just to much excitement!
My friend Melanie, Me, and Paige

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Wonder Woman said...

What a blast!! Piper is getting so big. And cute as ever. And I tagged you - come see what you have to do.