Daddies day at the fair

Piper and I took Daddy to the fair today so he could ride the rides and to see all the animals. I am jelous of Sam that he got to ride rides and I got to sit with a fussy baby who wanted to go with her daddy on the rides. But what can ya do? Sam rode a bunch and then it was time to snack so we got a corn dog and some yummy cheese fries. Then he thought he could ride more rides, well he learned he couldn't. He was fighting the "sickness" but when we went in to see the goats and got that first smell, he lost it and blew! Luckily I was already inside and missed it, anyway, we did not ride anything else after that. Piper got to see horses today and she just loved the horses. She would talk to them and just giggle. She would pet the goats and then laugh. The fair I think was a success. Piper loved it, awesome food, and I wasn't at home staring at the walls! I even got a little bit of a tan!
Piper LOVES corn on the cob!!!

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