Lake Michigan

We wanted to do something fun and FREE, so we went up to Lake Michigan, which is about a 20 minutes drive north of where we live. We haven't been much this year cause Piper hates the water. She doesn't even want to stand on the sand. She has to sit on my lap and if any sand gets on her, she FREAKS OUT! Prissy, I know, but she is mine. Anyway, well today I thought "she is 16 months old, she has to get over this!" So I take her out and we wave at Daddy who is way out swimming and having fun and we clap when the waves come up and hit my legs, then I set her down and she fussed but when the waves came up and hit her toes (cause she was only standing on her tippy toes) and I clapped and acted all excited then she started to laugh and clap and after about 5 minutes of that, she decided it wasn't so bad and the water didn't feel as freezing by then either. Well, when daddy came back up to shore he sat down in the water and she sat on his lap. Wasn't so sure of it but then agian I made a big deal about the water hitting them and clapped and laughed and acted stupid and then she thought it was funny. So we pushed her to see how far she would go and Sam took her out to the water waist deep and she loved it. As long as daddy held her tight enough, she enjoyed it! Then we went back to our towels and Piper had a cookie and played with a shovel in the sand. She was very careful not to let the sand fall on her, but at least it is a step forward with the sand to! So overall, we had an awesome morning. We even had a nice parking spot really close and in the shade! Can't beat that! The best part was, that is was all FREE!!! When you have NO income, that is a very good thing!
Just me.
Daddy and Piper waving
She came out of the water smiling, that's a good sign!
Getting used to the idea
Sam was at least having a good time!
A little of an uneasy smile, but not screaming!
She was watching a wave come up
My baby is so big! Hardly a baby anymore. But still adorable!

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