So on Saturday was our Stake Temple Day. Sam and I went with some friends of ours that Sam goes to school with. The temple was great as always, but then we went out to dinner in Chicago to a seafood place named Bob Chinn's. If you know Sam and I, we are not fans of seafood, but we went and it was good. Expensive, well for food we dont like, it was to much, but I ate calamari. I know, shocking huh. The shocking part is that it was good. I thought fried squid was good!!?? I even ate shrimp. This pregnancy makes me want to try everything. Nothin is off limits, which is totally oppisite from Piper's pregnancy. I couldn't eat anything!!
OK well the pictures tell a different story. We woke up on Sunday and it was just like any other day. We got up, got ready, went to church, took the sacrament, etc etc. Well Piper is Piper and she just loves to talk and run and play, and being at church does not stop her from doing that. Well we were sitting in Sunday School, and my best friend Amy was sittingin front of me with her grandmother and some other relatives. Well anyway, Piper was reading a book and reading it out loud and she has this obession right now with Elmo. She had a stuffed Elmo doll and was giving him kisses and me kisses, which is good, she isn't screaming right? Well Piper is not a quite child and I am used to it, but apperantly the best friends grandmother had had enough and turned around and very rudely and loudly (I felt) said "Take IT out!" Well I was so shocked and hurt and a little confused that I just gathered our things and left. I could tell Amy was just horrified and embarassed. I didn't want to say or do anything to hurt or upset my friend, or I would have been defensive and said something back. (I can't help it, that is just who I am. It explains why I was in so much trouble in high school, anyway) Well in the hall I calmed down and started to cry so I grab Piper and almost run for the car. Well as fast as I can with a 25 pound toddler and 20 weeks pregnant. Piper and I spent the rest of the time in the car waiting for daddy. It was only about an hour and a half but Piper did awesome. She just sat and read me books like she did in Sunday School. She watched me cry and gave me hug after hug and kiss after kiss. My baby is so sweet! We ate snacks and sang songs and had a great time. It was only 70 degrees outside so it was cool and of course it is Chicago (the windy city) so there was a breeze. Perfect. Piper and I just might spend our Sundays in the car for another 2 months till she goes to nursery.
It really hurt my feelings. It made me feel like I was a terrible mother, like I didn't belong or was welcomed at church, and very embarrassed. I should have taken Piper out I guess, a long time before, but I wanted so badly to participate and listen to the lesson. Anyone with a baby knows that you dont go to church because you want to, you would just perfer to stay at home, but you go for the example you set for your kids. They dont learn anything, you dont learn anything, but they will remember that you go every Sunday to church, and that it is important. Amy came to me and apologized for her grandmother which I greatly appreciated, but she was not at fault. Amy is one of the best people I know, and is always so friendly. I am so thankful for her!
Was I wrong to behave that way? I know I am emotional right now anyway, I cry at anything, but my feelings were really hurt. If nothing else but for the fact that she called my daughter an "IT". She is a daughter of God dang it!! She is not an IT! anyway, sorry about the vent, but thanks for listening.


salena said...

She sounds like a really rude, grumpy old lady! Who does that?! She must've forgotten what it's like to have babies in church. I probably would've started crying too and I'm not even pregnant!

Church does feel so pointless when you end up out in the halls the whole time. But you're right..it's all for your children. Bastien loves nursery so much. I feel so bad when we miss a Sunday just cause I dont feel like getting everyone ready. But Bastien seems to always bring church up on Sundays so I think he knows what day it is. So we cant really slide it by him anymore:) One time Steven and I wanted to leave after sacrament and we started walking out and Bastien yelled "NOOOO! I want to go to church!" So we turned around and tried to act like we weren't about to just ditch:)
Oh yeah-I got the book letter and I will send it out soon! Great idea!

(sorry for the novel)

Wonder Woman said...

WOW I can't believe she actually told you to take her out!! "IT." Oh I would be so mad and hurt1 Especially if the baby isn't CRYING. I mean, when they're crying and I can't stop it in 20 seconds, I leave, then hope they calm down and I can go back in.

I'm just shocked that she said that to you.

I don't blame you for sitting in the car. But don't do it for the next two months - you'll go crazy. Well, I would. Is there another Sunday school class? Or I'd even just sit in the foyer with all the other moms. It's nice to have a chance to talk.

And Piper's gonna do great in nursery. Hey - you could probably go to nursery with her now and just sit in there! I took both my boys about a month early to get them used to it.

The Young's said...

OMG! I can't believe that! I hate to say this, but she has probably done this before and caused someone to go inactive by her rude, senseless comments. Clearly she doesn't remember what its like to have a child.

I'm sorry. At least you got to spend some more quality bonding time with Piper.


Elliott Mom said...

Good idea about maybe heading to Nursery now, just take Piper with you. At least during Sunday School. Kelli and I would love to have you in our nursery!! :o)

I totally can't believe that the old lady called Piper "IT"! You are a much more patient person than I (I say that to Kelli all the time, too. lol) because I would have said very mean things in her old lady face.

I know where she's coming from - before I had Abby and even now, I get irritated when people let their kids be all loud and stuff in class. I try to take Abby out when she gets crazy. But it doesn't sound like Piper was being all that loud. And even if she WAS, you don't call a precious little girl "IT." Blowing off people's ignorance is hard for anybody, but even harder when it's your precious child.

You definitely shouldn't just sit in the car. Maybe take the back row in class? That's what I did back when I got to go to Sunday School...that way I could make a quick escape if necessary. Just remember that the Gospel is perfect, the people aren't. By going to Sunday School you'll be better for yourself and your family.