Piper Olivia

Ok, so Piper has been tagged to tell you all about herself! Here it goes...

Name and meaning: Well I had heard Piper's name from some actresses but I was a big fan of "Charmed" and LOVED the name Piper. I let Sam pick out the middle name and he said Olivia sounded pretty with the rest of her name. So Piper Olivia Richardson was born!

Age: 16 1/2 months. Only a few more weeks till nursery!

Birthday: March 30th, 2007

Nicknames: Sugar baby, sweet girl, piper doodle

Favorite activities: Reading books, playing with blocks, playing outside, giving hugs, eating.

Favorite foods: Fruit, broccoli, yougart, juice, ice cream, Mocha Frappacinos creme based from Starbucks. All the things I ate/craved when I was pregnant with her.

Least favorite foods: haven't found to many really. She eats anything. You don't get to the 90the percentile for weight w/o enjoying food!

Favorite music: The dreaded Elmo's world theme song, anything daddy or mommy are dancing to.

Favorite toys: Her Elmo dolls, her books, her blankets, and anything she can throw.

Favorite book: Anything with Elmo on it, her princess and ballerina books.

Favorite item of clothing: Her PJ's. She hates to get dressed in the morning. She would stay in PJ's all day if I let her. And it is a learned trait I am sad to say! =o(

What makes me happy: When daddy is home. She misses her daddy alot when he is at school all day, her silky, mommy reading books to me, eating.

What makes me sad: Daddy saying bye bye in the morning. When the fruit or cheetos are all gone. Everything envolves food with my child.

Tags: Now the fun part! I have never tagged anyone before but lets see if this works! I tag Mason Formenti, Alyse Chandler, Eric May, Kaylee Jones, Emma Richardson


salena said...

I'm so glad you did this! Piper is such a cute name, too. She sounds like a good eater..I love finally having a good eater-Embry. Bastien and Jasper are just like their daddy..very picky..it drives me NUTS!

Piper is such a cutie, she sounds like Daddy's little girl, too! How cute!

Harrop Family said...

Awesome Blog. I didn't know you guys had one until Michelle mentioned it to me. So I'll have to add you to our list! I didn't even know you were pregnant. So blogs are wonderful!
Have a happy second year!

Andy and Sara said...

She is so cute Nikki!

Becca said...

Nikki, I was just looking at this post and Kaylee comes up and points and says"Piper" and I say yeah that's Piper. Then she says "yes, Peter piper pizza" So sorry she has already made that association. :)

Richardson Five said...

Cute Piper! My girls still talk about her. We need you guys to come back and visit us again!